Why TabbieMath

We need mathematics for simple daily transactions such as paying for groceries in the supermarket to solving complex theories in higher sciences. It is an indispensable part of our lives and creates a foundation for rewarding careers in several disciplines such as science, finance, physics etc. Most high paying jobs require applied mathematics in one form or another. So, it is important for us to master the concepts. Just like mastering the art of riding a bicycle, one gets better at mathematics by continuously practising problems that hone your core concepts. You need to keep practising until the solution becomes second nature to you. Here at TabbieMath, we provide the tools necessary to achieve the state of perfection.

Think of the human mind as an invisible muscle. By training it to learn specific skillsets such as Algebra, you make it powerful in that area. You find that you can solve problems in Algebra quite easily. Now suddenly throw in a problem from Geometry or Calculus or Trigonometry and notice as you quickly hit “The Great Wall of China” with no solutions popping up in your mind. Is it because you never solved those problems before? No, you recall that you had practised those problems a week ago, but the solution still escapes you. Here at TabbieMath, you can mix problems using different concepts, just like the situation you face in a real exam. Issues that were previously masked come to the forefront. You are able to tackle issues and organize yourself well. When you train your mind across these dimensions, you gain confidence, and with that better scores in your exams.

TabbieMath will sharpen your concepts by allowing you to solve modules with increasing levels of difficulty. TabbieMath gives you detailed explanation on each solution and describes the best methods to arrive at the solution. The adaptive feature in TabbieMath will identify your weakness and give you more opportunities to hone your skills in those areas. The improvement in your scores will absolutely stun you! What’s more, our interactive sessions and user driven practice approach will ensure that you have a lot of fun with Mathematics. So, try us out. It will be the best investment you could ever make for yourself or your children!

The Team

Mini Varghese & V. Janaky

Mini & Janaky are the directors of the TabbieMe Education Solutions Pvt Ltd. TabbieMath is the first product of TabbieMe, offering Maths revision for CBSE syllabus, classes IV to XII.

Our aim is to help you be the best at Math by giving you different ways to practise what you have learned from your school, your tutors and the millions of online learning material you browse. We have built an excellent platform and have worked with the most experienced teachers to give you a world class Maths revision solution. We hope you like it and make use of it to the maximum extent possible – even just 15 minutes of practice every day can bring a world of difference in your confidence and ease with Maths.

Rema Varghese

Based in London, Rema is the founder of the TabbieMe application. TabbieMe is a UK based education platform which is capable of hosting a suite of educational revision products such as TabbieMath. The platform can be tailored to multiple subjects of any syllabus.

While helping my boys with their studies, I used to manually create tests for them to practice, by mixing up questions from the topics they had covered. I found that as an extremely useful exercise after they had revised the topics individually, to work out a real question paper. While there were plenty of online materials & worksheets available, they weren’t customised for them and the topics they required. That’s how the TabbieMe application came about – with over 9 years hands on experience in the design and implementation of niche SaaS product, with 18 years IT background and with a deep passion for education, we built a system that emulated what I was doing manually (plus a lot more). Working with top designers and application developers, the application has taken around 18 months from design to end product.

Our Staff

Staff is the biggest strength of any organisation, and so is ours. We have a team of live & friendly staff in Kochi that specialise in Sales & Marketing, Product Support and Maths SMEs.

Any issues whatsoever, please call us or email us at the contact details given and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Teachers

However fancy an application is, it is only as good as the questions in it. This is why we worked with only genuine CBSE teachers, recommended to us by students, parents and teachers to create questions for you. We didn’t go for any advertising or online searches to find teachers, as in that case, we wouldn’t be sure of their capability. Every day, we are adding more and more questions to our database, to make TabbieMath the most comprehensive database of Maths questions.

The wider team

Our strength is our wider team. We have a range of trusted advisors that include educational consultants, entrepreneurs, teachers, bankers, doctors & students themselves who have shaped the product to what it is now.