MLL attempts to offer a standardised level of education across the country, irrespective of economic background, religion, or gender.

Research has shown time and again that childhood experiences and learning have lasting impacts. Apart from social and emotional development, early childhood experiences contribute to shaping a child’s learning capacity and the way they process new information. This is where education in the foundational and preparatory years become crucial. Children today are exposed to any […]

Smart EdTech to support NEP2020

In the context of the NEP, one component is very close to my heart. One that has the potential to make a sustainable impact in a person’s life and wider impact in a country with a relatively young population – Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). Anganwadi centres play a key role in ECCE. This […]

Tabbie^1 x Math = Efficacy^2

Do we collectively strive to encourage an education system that allows for fun and handwork, practice and enquiry, abstract ideas and real-world applications, and passion and mastery? Only then can we safely secure the future of our children. The Re-wired National Education Policy of India (NEP 2020) has thrown a few challenges at schools and […]

Education is a Collective Responsibility

There are 67.76 million tribal people from 533 recognised tribes in India. This accounts for 8.08% of the country’s population. Of this, 1.32 million (1.95%) belong to Primitive Tribal Groups (PTG) who are more marginalised than the Scheduled Tribe population. Compared with literacy rate of 29.34% for the general population, literacy among tribal people is at […]

Give Your Child The Summer Advantage

Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean children should stop learning. By implementing an active education during summer months, parents have seen tremendous results in their children’s school performances. Because the child brain is still growing, kids can easily forget what does not excite them. This is known as ‘summer learning loss’ Research has shown, […]

How can Parents help

If the thought of having to explain Geometry over the kitchen table terrifies you because you honestly don’t remember Pythagoras’ Theorem then don’t worry, you are not alone ! There are quite a few simple things to you can do to ensure that your kids have the best Create a plan At the beginning of […]

The World-Leading Indian Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics began in India over two-thousand years before the Common Era, with evidence from the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilization and the Iron Age Vedic Culture’s remains, showing much evidence of foundational mathematical concepts. From this point onwards, Indians began formalizing much of the mathematical standards that the world uses today. We wouldn’t have ‘0’, […]

Innovative Ways to Teach Your Child Math

Whether you are good at math or just so-so, you want your child to have a solid foundation in the subject so they can get a good job, advance in their careers and become successful. While some parents let summer vacation be a break from learning for their children, others are utilizing it to help […]

Dream Jobs That Require Math

As children, we have all dreamed of having exciting careers that would take us all over the world and make us important, well respected people. As we grew older, we began to lose some of that zeal and realized that not every job is as exciting as we once thought. We still got good jobs, […]

Some Excellent Tips for the Young Mathematician

For many young learners, mathematics can be a big challenge. Every student needs a little bit of help to learn maths and to understand the daily presented challenges. Mathematics is one of the most exciting and rewarding subjects as soon as you understand whatever form you are using. Here are some of the most effective […]