Frequently Asked Questions


How can I register

Only parents can register onto TabbieMath. Please click on register – we will require your details as well as your child’s details. After entering the details, you will be required to select the package you wish to subscribe to. Make that selection and proceed to payment. Once payment is complete, you will get an email detailing your login details as well as your child’s login details.

When I login, system says that my account is inactive

If that happens, login as parent and check if you have an active subscription. If you do not have any subscriptions or they have expired, then your account will be inactivated.

If you have a subscription and still your account is inactive, please contact support at

Can I subscribe to multiple packages

Yes you can. You can subscribe to any package available, for your current class or for other classes too.

To do that, login as parent. Against the child’s details, you will find an option to add subscription. Select the package you require and the subscription will be added in.

How can I view my multiple subscriptions

When you login as student, you will see all the packages you have subscribed to. If you have subscribed to Std IV and Std V, you will be able to see both those in the left hand navigation panel. Each package will allow you to do revisions, challenges, mocks and view history. Every standard will have its own leaderboard, i.e you will be able to compete with std IV and std V students separately.

With one login, can I subscribe to my other children

Yes you can add multiple children to one login.

Login as parent and choose the option to add a new child, and buy a subscription for that child. Once you have completed purchase, system will send email with the login details for the new child added.

Parent will still have only a single login. With that single login, you can view progress of all your children.


I am not able to invite buddies to a challenge

First check if you have buddies. Only if you have buddies can you invite them to a challenge. To invite buddies, click on the buddies icon in the top right of the page. Search by username and invite buddies – they now have to accept you. Only after that can you invite buddies to a challenge.

I have added a buddy but am not able to set challenge for him

Has your buddy subscribed to the same package as you? If you have subscribed to Std IV and your buddy has subscribed to Std V, you cannot set a challenge for him. You both should subscribe to the same package.

I have started a challenge. Can I invite more buddies?

Yes you can. Until you have completed your challenge, you can invite more buddies. Go to MyStuff page > Challenge section. Against the challenge, select buddies to invite. Once they accept your challenge, they will be able to complete the challenge too.

My buddy and I are not getting the same questions for the same challenge

Your buddy and you will get similar questions, not the same. They will be from the same topics and of same difficulty level. Also, each question in a challenge depends on how you have answered your previous questions – it is an adaptive model. The more questions you answer correctly, the more difficult questions you get.

Results and position in a challenge

If you have taken a challenge with your buddies, at the end of the test the system will tell you which position you are in currently. The final positions after everyone has taken will be in the history page. Go to History > Challenge, and view your position and stats in the challenge.

Can I flag questions in a challenge

No. Flagging and redoing questions is only when you revise. Not for challenges or mocks.


How can I start a revision

Using the sliders, simply select the number of questions you want to select from each chapter. You can start the test straightaway or add it to your to-do. Anything that you add to to-do, you can access it from your MyStuff page.

Can I choose to revise from specific topics within a chapter?

Yes you can. In the revision page, use the icon in front of chapter, you expand the topics under the chapter. There, you can select what topic you want to include/exclude. Questions will be picked only from the selected topics.

In a revision, how can I mark questions to revisit later?

When you complete a test, in the test results page you will be able to view what all questions you got right or wrong. Any questions that you got wrong, the system already flags them for you. But you can override that – you can flag or unflag questions from that page.

If you go to History, you will see all the revision tests you have done. You can either redo all questions or redo only flagged ones from there.


Why should I complete one level before moving to the next

We advise you to start at level 1 and work upwards, so that you are thorough with all the concepts. Before your exams you must aim to complete all the mocks with 90% score atleast.

Can we flag questions of a mock test to redo

No.  Ability to flag questions to redo is available only for Revision. You can attempt a mock exam any number of times.


What are the different levels of achievement

There are 6 levels.

BronzeBie (250 pts), SilvieBie(1000 pts), GoldBie(3000 pts), DiamondBie(6000 pts), PlatinumBie(10000 pts) & TitaniumBie (15000 pts).

For each level, you will receive a certificate. If you have cleared a level, you will see the badge on your page. Clicking on that badge you can download the TabbieMath certificate.