Dream Jobs That Require Math

As children, we have all dreamed of having exciting careers that would take us all over the world and make us important, well respected people. As we grew older, we began to lose some of that zeal and realized that not every job is as exciting as we once thought. We still got good jobs, we are important to our coworkers and we are somewhat respected for it. But is that what we wanted? Is that what we want for our children?

Our own children have those same dreams and it is our job as parents to encourage them and help them realize those dreams. Is there a way to do this while still encouraging them to study and learn mathematics? If you are trying to motivate your child to do better in math, share this list with them and show them the importance of math in finding their dream careers. These are some dream jobs that all require a solid foundation in mathematics.

  1. Animator

If you and your child has enjoyed a Pixar film, thank the animator and their ability to understand and implement mathematics in their work. Trigonometry is used to rotate and move characters, while algebra creates the special effects to make the images come to life.

  1. Game Designer

What child hasn’t played video games? Game designers use math every day to create the latest, high tech video games. Using trigonometry, physics and calculus these game designers are enjoying their dream career.

  1. Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers have a positive employment outlook and there is a lot of room for growth if they are well educated in mathematics. From designing, testing and maintaining robotics systems, understanding the latest AI theory, a solid foundation in mathematics is important in this career.

  1. Roller Coaster Designer

Roller coasters require a wide range of mathematical principles in their design and construction. From calculating velocity and creating curves, to understanding kinematics and material strength, mathematics will ensure that the roller coaster designer creates a safe and fun coaster that people will wait in line for hours to ride.

  1. Jet Fighter Pilot

Flying through the skies at over 700 MPH requires nerve, skills and a good foundation in mathematics. In fact, mathematics skills can be life-saving when piloting today’s advanced jet fighter planes.