Give Your Child The Summer Advantage

Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean children should stop learning. By implementing an active education during summer months, parents have seen tremendous results in their children’s school performances.

Because the child brain is still growing, kids can easily forget what does not excite them. This is known as ‘summer learning loss’ Research has shown, a child who has an active education during summer months, not only performs better in school but can have a positive impact on other parts of their lives.

Maths is everywhere and if parents make math a part of everyday life, especially during summer, kids will not feel overwhelmed by the math problems they face in school. In fact, giving a child this advantage from a young age, could well turn them into the next Einstein.

Another great advantage of an active summer education is your child’s personal growth.
By teaching kids the importance of maths and the relevance it has in everyday life, you allow for personal growth. By achieving small math goals everyday, can boost a child’s self esteem, helping them be more confident in life. Kids perform better with constant nurturing and approval, especially when they get praised for a job well done. Not only will this encourage them to solve more math problems, they will want to solve other problems they might face in school, socially and even at home.

There are numerous ways a parent can be active in their child’s learning experience whilst spending quality with them during bath time, dinner time, playtime and even at bedtime.

Our kids deserve every chance they can get to secure a bright and stable future for themselves. By keeping their minds active, they can improve every aspect of their lives, giving them a fair chance of becoming successful adults and good citizens with problem solving skills they can use far into their adulthood.

Many adults can still recall their summer education days. When faced with a math problem, they will recall the easy and fun mathematical application they’ve learned during these summer months, as if imprinted. Most will also agree that when looking back on these days, they were totally worth it and definitely recommended.

We cannot always rely on school education only. Parents play a vital role to ensure endless possibilities for the next generation of young and aspiring adults. Summer learning is super fun and highly effective in today’s fast moving world.