St. Gregorios English Medium C.B.S.E School Attapady a tribal school in South India and TabbieMath agree life time Edu Tech partnership.

St Gregorios English Medium C.B.S.E School of Attappady is a school set-up as part of Indian government’s initiative to transform the way education is delivered at schools within tribal communities.

This school is based in Attapady a tribal community based 58 kms from Coimbatore the closest city and borders with India’s largest nature reserve Silent Valley.

St. Gregorios has seen an unprecedented increase (~30%) in the number of student enrolments year on year. TabbieMath has been chosen as the sole education technology for Maths practice through a perpetuity deal that allows unlimited use of our resources by teachers and students at this school.

St.Gregorios School adopts TabbieMath to improve teacher productivity as they spearhead the implementation of education technology.

St. Gregorios offers free education. So the school depends on limited government funding. As a result school is able to hire only 3 Maths. To remain highly effective, these Maths teachers are required to make productive use of their time while at school.

Mandatory tasks such as creating question papers for model exams or surprise class quizzes currently consume a significant portion of the teachers time at school which could otherwise be redirected towards performance improvement initiatives. TabbieMath allows teachers set model exam papers, unit tests or a surprise Maths quiz in less than 5 minutes, compared to 60 to 90 minutes they currently take to prepare a worksheet.

TabbieMath goes one step further by allowing teachers to access student performance through the TabbieMath platform. As result Maths teachers at St. Gregorios are able to evaluate  strengths and weaknesses of a class, group or a student before they start their classes on a daily basis allowing them to be highly effective in their classes.