Personalised Effective

Personalised learning environment

Personalised learning environment

Navigate through carefully designed tasks to identify learning gaps



Overcome gaps and strengthen concepts and skills

Reinforce learning

Reinforce learning

Practice questions designed to reinforce understanding

Competency builder

Competency builder

Build strong foundation by understanding core competencies

Work at own pace

Work at own pace

Maximise potential within the predicted potential level

Learning Pathway

Remediation of learning gaps and Reinforcement of concepts and skills

  • Work at your skill and pace. Identify your learning gaps and address misconceptions. See your results instantly. Develop your strategic reasoning and critical thinking. Testing yourself on questions in different patterns and topic-wise levels of difficulty helps you narrow down accurate problem areas.

Tons of expert-set questions

  • Instant practice. Thousands of questions created by experts. Detailed solutions for each question explained

Set specific, measurable, realistic & time-bound goals achievable in consistent and progressive steps

Stay in sync with topics in class

  • Practice on any topic you want to focus on and gain confidence.
  • No more playing catch-up or changing your pace of learning to suit the rest of the class.
  • Address problem areas as and when they arise.

Self-paced, individualised learning experience using real-world applications in familiar and unfamiliar situations

  • TabbieMath develops transferable skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking which is essential for Higher education readiness and success in future workplaces.
  • Positive learning experiences which identify personal strength and areas for improvement.

Practice makes perfect.
TabbieMath makes it happen

Comprehensive reports

  • Reports to identify learning gaps on content level, taxonomy level, rigor level.
  • Lets students understand where they stand in comparison to their learning cohort.


  • Suggests learning modules based on past performances.

Certificates and

  • Celebrate your hard work through certificates for each level achieved.
  • Let the world know you are a superstar through our topper leaderboards on a school level andĀ overallĀ level.

What Students and Schools are saying

Tabbie has been a game-changer for me. Its personalised learning paths have made studying more engaging and effective. I've seen a noticeable improvement in my grades since I started using Tabbie, and I feel more confident in my abilities.

Shraddha, Grade 6

TabbieMath has been very useful to me as it has improved my calculation skill along with having more interest towards particular topics in Maths. My speed of working on Maths problems has increased since using TabbieMath.

Joshua Suraj, Grade 8

The New Horizon School WLL, Bahrain.
I had taken Tabbie for my daughter. And literally because of Tabbie, she could write Math exams If Grade 10 confidently. May god bless you with success, peace and prosperity.

Vandana Satheesh, Grade 10

GEMS Our Own Indian School, Dubai.
Parents have informed us that they have been able to see a vast improvement in their wards performance as well as their confidence in dealing with Math, by using TabbieMath.

Jasmin Roy, Mathematics Teacher, Middle school

Boys, GEMS Our Own Indian School, Dubai.
What is being offered by Tabbie are the different sets of questions which we do not have time to discuss in the class. With these types of questions students tend to broaden their perspective in class.

Mr. Norden Tamang,

Sacred Heart school
Tabbie's diagnostic assessment gave us educators a lot of insight into a lot of thinking which is required in our students. Every question was really really different and our children have done it very well.

Ruqsana Potla,

Gems Our Own English High School
Tabbie is the only solution that has statistically proven to me that student outcomes at Army Schools has improved through their program.

Major General RK Raina (Retd.)

Managing Director,
Army Welfare Education Society, New Delhi
Most innovative EdTech solution we have come across.

Abhilasha Singh, Principal,

Shining Star International School, Abu Dhabi
Tabbie is very convenient, very modern, and is very flexible because we can do it online as well as offline. The most wonderful thing I found was a huge repository of question banks is already there and teachers who are using this can also add to it.

Mr. Satyam Rai, Principal

Jnaneshwar Memorial Academy.