The Most Effective & Fun Way To Learn Maths

Aligned to CBSE curriculum, classes IV to XII

For Home


Score 100% in your Maths exam through easy and unlimited practice tests  from 1000s of questions. 

Instantly generate practice tests from chosen topics . Questions of  varying difficulty level. Detailed solution for every question. 100’s of worksheets to choose from. Past Board papers fully solved. Instant correction & Re-visit incorrect questions. Unbeatable value ! 

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For Schools


Unlimited access to all teachers to generate instant unit tests, worksheets and assessments, online & offline. 

New questions added every week . Choose from international questions, past CBSE board questions, questions of varying difficulty levels . 100s of worksheets to choose from . Detailed solution. Reports to easily pin point performance at an individual, class or question level. Register your school today – we look forward to getting in touch with you.

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What Is The
Maths Exam Phobia

What Is The Solution

Familiarity with the question paper is the solution – If students can practice with real question papers multiple times before the exam, then the exam becomes ‘just another’ question paper they attempt – a walk in the park!

How Can TabbieMath Help In Overcoming Maths Phobia

  • TabbieMath can create instant question papers from the specific topics that are chosen.
  • Whether it is one topic for a small class test, or 3 to 4 topics for a mid-term exam or all topics for the year end exam, a question paper can be generated in a matter of seconds.
  • Detailed solutions to all questions are provided at the end of a test. Students can set mock exams for themselves using this powerful feature Teachers can also set revision papers in seconds to give students the ultimate revision they need.

Features Of TabbieMath


Test yourself, at your own pace, by combining questions from various topics across three difficulty levels.

Learn & Solve

View test results along with the solution. Like a problem? Mark them to re-visit at a later date


Are you ready for your exams? Prepare by taking the mock exams. Practise till you are perfect.


Review all your past revisions, challenges & mocks. Learn from where you got it right and where you did not.

Build Confidence

Take TabbieMath’s adaptive tests from various topics that will increase or decrease in difficulty depending on your answers.

Challenge Your Friends

Invite your friends for a game of Mathalon and find out the Math-Whiz amongst you.

Show Off

Visit the Leader boards and see if you are still the Champ!! Complete achievement levels and receive certificates.


Cracked your last test? Let your parents log-in and track your progress including all outstanding & completed activities

I love Maths..

Anytime, anywhere – Phone, your laptop, your grandad’s tablet. Why wait when you can have fun with Maths right now.

Homework Master for School

Allows teachers to create homework in less than 5 minutes, provides detailed solution, scores the homework saving hours of having to go through numerous homework books and provides detailed data on comparative performance for teachers, parents and school management.

Create question papers instantly

Choose from multiple topics at the same time so that you are able to issue homeworks only for topics you have covered in class.

Detailed solution for every question

Step by step solutions worked out by experienced teachers.

100s of worksheets

100s of worksheets ready for teachers to use. Worksheets can also be created by teachers and uploaded for their reuse later.

3 levels of difficulty

1000s of questions of varying level of difficulty to allow teachers to work with students of different ability levels.

Digital and paper assignments

Homework can be issued online where students can login and complete. Worksheets can similarly be published to allow students to print at home.

Automatic Correction saving teachers hours of admin work

Automatic correction for questions answered online. Allows teachers to override marks allocated by the system.


Performance reports for each student. Customised reports are developed based on bespoke requirements from teachers and schools.

All you need is an internet connection or data connection on your laptop, tablet or PC.

TabbieMath is cloud based which means teachers can
access Tabbie anywhere anytime as long as they are connected to an internet connection.


It was always difficult to make Pallavi practise Maths by going through the textbook exercises. But with TabbieMath she doesn’t feel as though she is studying. Her skills improved with practice and has started reflecting in her grades. This has motivated her to go back and try more sums. She is now a regular. Thanks to TabbieMath for bringing this format to our studies.

Lakshmi, Parent – Year 7

TabbieMath is a very useful program because it gives my child the possibility to test his knowledge of Maths by attempting to answer questions according to his curriculum. It gives me the satisfaction that he can spend focussed time the subject every day. The feature of being able to compete with other children his age is an added bonus.

Bina, Parent – Year 5

TabbieMath makes me less nervous for the exam. Doing a lot of practice before the exams really helps me to face the D-day. I am so glad I have it.

Hanna, Student– Year 10

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