Structured Assessment of
Learning Outcomes

Comprehensive curriculum coverage

  • Items 3-D tagged to Content Domain, Blooms Taxonomy & Norman’s DOK rigor levels.

Digital blueprint generator

  • Backed by a systematically developed task bank for remedial and reinforcement programs.

Online & offline modes of working

  • Online assignments, printed worksheets, timed based assignments, OMR scanning capabilities.

Insightful reports

  • Instantly generated powerful reports showing attainment & progress at a grade level down to an individual student level.

Used by 800+ active math teachers

Instant customised assignments

  • Set readily customisable question papers and practice worksheets for students backed by accurate reports, further simplified by using blueprints.

Marking made easy

  • Tabulate & total marks easily, automatically for objective answers. Teachers can review descriptive responses to add remarks & edit marks.

Targeted interventions

  • Handy tools to enable differential learning and set students on personalised learning path.

Be aware of learners performance

  • Instant access to the strengths and learning gaps of individual learners.

Over 230,000 students complete assignments annually & 100,000+ questions

Individual attention

  • Set up focus groups based on common problem-areas or help individual students improve their concept understanding based on performance reports.

Effective remediation

  • Detailed reports to help identify student centric, class-wise & grade-wuse focus areas and to supplement them with thousands of targeted practice questions.

Certificates & leaderboard

  • To further encourage and motivate students.

Fully nourish the potentials of each learner

  • Prepare learners to face the challenges in higher grades and future workplaces.

Deep insights into student
performance and progress

  • Individual student reports showing attainment and progress of students across domains. chapters, topics and sub topics.
  • Educators can track individual and class-wide achievements, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize learning outcomes.
  • School level and group school level reports available to SLT & management of group schools.

Tabbie's reporting capabilities enable educators to monitor student engagement, mastery of concepts, and growth over time, fostering a more personalized and effective learning experience for every student.