We are a nimble group of progressive thinkers that believe every child is different and requires individual attention.

Efficacy is at the core of everything we do. Without measuring the effectiveness of learning, we cannot identify subject gaps and without knowing the child's learning gaps, we cannot provide measures to remediate.

Maintaining efficacy while also being broad enough to apply to any child is no easy task. We relentlessly worked for 4 years with industry, academia and technology professionals to firstly build outstanding content and then a simple digital platform to deliver our content.

We continuously review our content for competitiveness. Today with 1,00,000 Math questions of varying patterns on more than 1500 topics, we are seeing the results of our efforts. We have provided evidence to schools that Tabbie is able to strengthen skill and proficiency to build a sustainable way to remain competent in Math.

Tabbie is uber scalable. We are talking about creating a Math practice platform for 1.2 billion school going students in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East & North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa where education regulators worry about developing numeracy skills.

We are working relentlessly to strengthen the link between schools, universities and industry. Our superior content strategy applies to advanced programs at some of the best universities. Through our work with more than 100,000 students and 900 Math teachers, we have demonstrated that our approach is effective, measurable and precise.

Our Values

We teach math but we also believe happiness is core to the TabbieMath philosophy.

Making a positive difference in the lives of our student, teacher, parent and school communities, means the world to us.

We value efficacy. If we cannot measure it, we'd rather not mention it yet.

Of course, we hold integrity dear.

Transparency across the board is integral to us.

So is active innovation that helps reform the older norms and sparks newer, faster, more effective teaching and learning methodologies.

Nurturing growth and pursuing excellence relentlessly by investing our collective skills in the right space at the right time remains our passion.

But most of all, we value empathy. Putting our souls into our young learners' shoes, dispelling their fears and keeping their love for math alive with a smile on their faces – now that's summing up TabbieMath in a logarithmic nutshell.