Industry demand for Math skills is surging further

~600 million students worldwide are expected to enrol for higher education courses by 2040.

World Bank says its three times the number recorded in 2019. All you have to check is surge in market capitalisation of technology companies to guess where interesting technology jobs are going to be. Tech companies will require more people with strong mathematical and analytical skills to build intelligent tech. Future of work report identifies ‘Complex problem-solving’ among the top 3 skills required.

Research report by Deloitte indicates that a whopping 60 percent of hiring managers believe candidates lack critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Lying at the base of all these technological advances is that one ubiquitous entity – mathematics and mathematical algorithms. Modern technology would be unthinkable without Maths and it is the one skill that today’s students need to stride confidently into the future. But over and above that, it helps students develop logical thinking, helps them spot patterns, structure and organise data, analyse information, and design activities – all skills that the future will demand of them.

Galileo Galilei’s quote could not be more apt right now: “Mathematics is the language in which god has written the universe.” Whether god wrote at all, we do not know. But cutting-edge technology requires strong Mathematical skills.