Tabbie ^ 1 x Math = Efficacy ^ 2

Schools that use Tabbie, instantantly align to the holistic progress reporting requirements of NEP 2020.

Do we collectively strive to encourage an education system that allows for fun and handwork, practice and enquiry, abstract ideas and real-world applications, and passion and mastery? Only then can we safely secure the future of our children.

The Re-wired National Education Policy of India (NEP 2020) has thrown a few challenges at schools and educators. The policy’s revised curricular & pedagogical structure, regional language inclusions, holistic progress reporting, and so on are some of the changes most spoken about.

Good to see India’s Human Resource Development Ministry on mission mode to attain foundational literacy and numeracy by Grade 3. But how long before this is executed and finally success measured?

Through our partnership with some of the top schools, the awesome teachers we work with and the content architecture of Tabbie our DNA was able to evolve quicker. For schools that currently use Tabbie, this meant instant alignment to the holistic progress reporting requirements of NEP 2020.

Tabbie’s intelligent algorithms and machine data augmented reports give your teachers an accurate view of the improvement in skill (understanding, applying), or proficiency (performance across three levels of complexity). Tabbie does automated correction of objective questions and one round of correction for descriptive questions leaving teachers to collaborate on descriptive answers uploaded by students. Imagine hours that your Math department can save.

School should think creatively and implement the right teaching aid in which a combination of “flipped classroom” in which students do more learning about basic skills and knowledge at home, via videos or platforms, and then come to school online to do work together. “That way, when they come into the classroom we can work on the higher-level skills such as analysis and evaluation”. It’s not a new idea at all, but circumstances are forcing adoption.

Stay safe!

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